StarTeam 13.0 CPC Performance Issues



Moving from an older client build such as 2008 to 13.0 there has been a significant difference in the performance of the StarTeam CPC.

In Particular, depending on the number of files or Change Requests in each project will depend how long actions such as: Selecting ‘All descendants’ or running custom queries/filters.

This can take up to a couple of minutes which can be quite frustrating.


This issue was due to an Enumerated property which has now been fixed and resolved.

To resolve this issue please find the attached file here:

In this file will contain two jar files:

  • Starteam130
  • Starteam130-resources

Copy and paste these files from the folder into your StarTeam SDK 13.0 directory.  Typically located (C:/Program Files/Borland/StarTeam SDK 13.0/).

Please do not place these files into the CPC directory as this will cause an issue.

Make sure you have closed your StarTeam CPC before making these changes.  Once you start the StarTeam CPC and log back into your problematic project you will notice that the items pane refreshes promptly and the response times are a lot quicker.

We have packaged this fix into the latest CPC build (

If you do not feel comfortable moving these jar files manually, please contact supportline and request a CPC build from the StarTeam support team.

Incident #2640167

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