Restore TrackRecord DBAUtil Information


TrackRecord is running and functioning correctly. However, the DBAUtils is not allowing any modification to the Trackrecord database(s).

To resolve this follow the steps below:

  1. Check for the existence of the following file in the TrackRecord installation directory

  2. If the file exists, delete it and create a new file. Or edit it to include the following entry only
       <TRDBAService name="TRDBAService" host="<HOSTNAME>" channel="tcp" port="31441" password="Ea ntBi443C91iVSZ tMIA==" token="">
        <TRServer status="running" />

    Remember to enter the correct "hostname" above. host=""
    The password specified here is 'admin' (without the quotes).
  3. If the password for TrackRecord is NOT ‘admin’, then copy the password text from the servers.xml file (also in the same folder as TRDBAConfig.xml)
  4. Save the file as TRDBAConfig.xml in the TrackRecord installation folder
  5. Restart the DBAUtil application
  6. You should now see the TrackRecord service running – but NO databases displayed;

  7. Add the database(s) to this service by clicking ‘File | Add database’ – IMPORTANT, do not select "New | Database" or any other option as this will not add your existing database(s).

  8. If you do not recall the name(s) of your existing database(s), navigate to the ‘Databases’ folder in the TrackRecord installation folder
  9. There are two databases in the following example. For each folder name, add each in turn, entering the name exactly as it appears in this folder.

  10. The DBAUtil entries should now be restored.


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