Created On:  25 April 2011


The StarTeam CPC on Linux uses the $JAVA_HOME environment variable to locate the JRE needed to launch. If this variable is not declared the client may fail to start.


It is necessary to declare the JAVA_HOME variable before each launch of StarTeam. As environment variables in Linux are volatile, and need to be re-declared for each shell session this can prove inconvenient. To resolve:

1.  Create a file in the user's home directory (i.e. /home/user) named .profile
2.  Add the following text to the file, adjust the java path as appropriate

export JAVA_HOME=/jre1.6.0_13/

3.  Mark the file as executable:

chmod x /home/user/.profile

The JAVA_HOME variable will now be automatically declared upon each launch of a new shell window, removing the need to declare it manually prior to launching StarTeam.