How to transfer projects from VSS to StarTeam 2006 or newer?



How to transfer projects from VSS to StarTeam 2006 or newer?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: StarTeam 2006 and newer
  • Product Component: Server
  • Platform/OS Version: All

How to transfer projects from VSS to StarTeam 2006 or newer?

StarTeam 2006 and newer versions do not support any foreign archive mapping and the native I vault structure. As a result, you can not directly transfer VSS archive projects to StarTeam 2006 or newer versions using standard capabilities. If you want to transfer VSS archives to a new server configuration, first convert them to native using StarTeam 2005 R2, and then upgrade the configuration to StarTeam 2006 or newer.

Please contact Borland Support in order to obtain a 2005 R2 server copy with latest server patch.

If you want to transfrer a VSS archive to an existing StarTeam server configuration you need to import directly from the VSS archive using an SDK application. Because of the differences between VSS archives used by different organizations the SDK application needs to be written for a specific configuration.

It also may be possible that Borland Consulting Services can do a direct import from the VSS archive to the StarTeam server, using tools and services that are available for a fee and are provided and supported by Borland Consulting Services. Please contact your account manager to discuss this import process and possibly using Borland Consulting Services to do this import process.

Note: A third, limited and not recommended, possibility is to use StarTeam 2005 R2 to convert the VSS archive to a StarTeam native reposity, upgrade the repository to the desired StarTeam release version, and then transfer the imported project to an existing server configuration using the Import Export Manager (IEM). This procedure is not recommended as it has major limitations on the transfer of projects between servers (does not import full history, does not incude labels, etc.) and the IEM utility is only available "as is". If you wish to investigate whether this method is appropriate for your task contact Borland Technical Support and request information on the limitations of IEM.

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