ERROR: Unable to load scc provider



ERROR: Unable to load scc provider


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.1.264-StarTeam 5.2.196 SP1 using the StarTeam SCC integration.
  • Windows NT, 2000, XP


Cause:The user is integrating StarTeam 5.x with PowerBuilder 8 and toggling betweensource code provider types.


Warning: Editing the registry should only be done by experiencedWindows users. While this procedure has been proven to be safe, any deviationfrom the steps listed here could result in an unusable operating system andpossible loss of data.

Within the registry edit the default source code control provider to point toStarTeam. To do this run regedit and export a backup of the registry to thedesktop.

1. To run the Registry Editor click"Start"->"Run"->Type in "regedit"->Click"OK"

2. Then within the Registry Editor export a copy of the registry by clicking"File"->"Export"->Then choose an easy to remember pathand click "Save"

3. Then expandHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->SourceCodeControlProvider->InstalledSCCProviders->Double-clickthe StarTeam Source Code Control key->Copy the value in "ValueData"->Open the "Default" key->Paste that data into the"Value Data" field->Click "OK"->Close the Registryeditor.

This sets the default source code control provider to StarTeam and eliminatesthe error.

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