Created On:  07 December 2011


After migrating the StarTeam database from SQL Server to Oracle, the following error is displayed when the configuration is started in the StarTeam Admin console:

The following error will also be found in the StarTeam log file:

Msg = Server configuration was marked as new ( DbCreated = 0 ), but one of the tables already exists


The error occurs because the StarTeam configuration is marked as new in the starteam-server-config.xml file

‹OPTION name="DBCreated" value="0" /›

If this value is set to "0" StarTeam will try and create a new database rather than using the existing migrated datbase.

To resolve this edit the starteam-server-config.xml file and edit the following fields: 

‹OPTION name="DBCreated" value="1" /›
‹OPTION name="Initialized" value="1" /›

Setting these values to "1" will allow StarTeam to use the existing migrated database rather than create a new database.

Incident #2538988