Created On:  06 April 2012


When adding an attachment to an item in Track Record the following error message is returned and causes the Track Record client to fail with the error:

Runtime Error!
Program: C:\Program Files\Compuware\TrackRecord\tr.exe
abnormal program termination


There are limits on the size of each file that can be attached to a Track Record item as well as a limit on the total size of all item attachments within a single Track Record database.

The maximum size of each individual file that can be attached to an item is 10Mb. The number of files that can be attached to each item is only limited by the total attachment size limit which is 4Gb.

Each Track Record configuration has an "attachment.dat" file. When a file is attached to a Track Record item the file is compressed and added to the "attachment.dat" file. The error occurs when an attempt is made to add additional attachments to a Track Record item and causes the "attachment.dat" file to exceed the 4Gb limit.

The workaround is to manage the items within Track Record along with the attachments, archiving old defects and the corresponding attachments, removing deleted items, then rebuilding the database to reduce the .dat file.

Further detail can be obtained from the Track Record Admin guide provided with the Track Record installation.
Incident #2563995