How to set Access Rights for Mercury Test Director Integration.



How to set Access Rights for Mercury Test Director Integration.


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam 5.3
  • Mercury Test Director 7.6 sp2, 7.6 sp3, & 8.


There are minimum rights needed by user in both Test Director and StarTeam for the StarTeam Synchronizer to work properly.


Minimum rights needed by a Test Director user :
The user needs to have the same permissions as the TD administrator to be able to insert on BUG and HISTORY tables, select on sequences, system_field, all_lists and dataconst.

Minimum rights needed by a StarTeam user:
Within StarTeam the user needs to have the ability to create and modify Change Request"s.

Where should the Synchronizer be installed:
The batch file (run.bat) refers to a mtdsync.jar file which is installed with the Synchronizer. The installation of the StarTeam Test Director Synchronizer looks for an install of the StarTeam SDK, and if out of date it will install a newer version. The install also looks for an install a a StarTeam client. The client must be installed, but does not have to be started.�

Caution: the file run.bat will need to be edited if the StarGate SDK is installed to a non-default location.

Attachment processing is supported via a TD network share and the TD COM api.

It is recommended the Synchronizer be installed on a machine with access to the TD network share (e.g., \\\TD_Dir\Default\ ). Attachment processing is dramatically faster via the network share (In Test Director Synchronizer 5.3.x or later).

Attachment processing is specified by setting in the bugsync.ini.

Newer method:


When using the TD COM api, attachments are picked up from the Test Director database. Network access to the Test Director database is needed via an ODBC connection (Test Director Synchronizer 5.2.x and lower).

Older method:


Old KB# 28321
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