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 Create a new item in the specified folder of the view in the chosen project
 This is an HTTP POST command.
 The Item can be serialized using JSON key value pairs,
 XML key value elements or Schema Objects (which serialize into XML or JSON).
 The keys must be user modifiable property names. The values are either primitive language types
 or integer ids of StarTeam higher level types (e.g. User, Label, View, etc).
 On successful creation of the item, it's entire property set is returned, including the StarTeam vmid.
 Note that Items are ViewMembers which 'reside' in folders.
However, some ViewMembers (specifically Traces and ChangePackages) reside in the view.
If a folderid is not specified, the root folder of the view or the view itself is assumed
Traces are only created in the view (arguably, it's root folder)

  projectid the integer id of the chosen project
  viewid the integer id of a view of the project
  typeid the integer id of an item type from the server catalog
  sessionid a valid session for the logged on user running this query
  folderid the optional integer id of a folder in the view. the item will be created and saved in this folder
  item an XML or JSON representation of the Item to be created and saved
 @return the newly created item

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