Micro Focus StarTeam 16.0 Update 3 Cross-Platform Client Patch 3 Release Notes (Build, StarTeam SDK (Build, and StarTeam Extensions (Build


The following fixes/enhancements are contained in the above patched versions;


  • (sdk, stcmd), RPI-1115145  stcmd co –vl –rp no longer deletes not in view files/folders.
  • (sdk, stcmd), RPI-1115145 stcmd apply-label –ifp “file” no longer throws an exception attaching ChangeRequests to the label.
  • (sdk), RPI-1115287 Process Item with Floating link now participates in VCM Promote.
  • (sdk), RPI-1115305 Project properties now populated on server connect.
  • (sdk), RPI-1115090 Floating File/Folder Moves no longer throw an exception creating a Checkin Change Package.
  • (cpc), RPI-1111702  Bulk Updates are now supported on Custom Forms.
  • (cpc), RPI-1115206 Story Description is maximized to fit the Story Panel Dialog.
  • (cpc), RPI-1115330 On Windows Platforms, Offer the option to open the folder to the downloaded client update.
  • (cpc), RPI-1115335  Add Rich Description Content Property to Requirement Component Tab.
  • (sdk, stcmd), RPI-1115340 Items inserted through command line bulk insert are now sorted in order of input file.
  • (sdk, stcmd), co –cwf -rp now creates empty folders as expected.
  • (git client), Push command fails when connected to TIBCO Message broker.
  • (git client) Git pull of a promote session containing a file which has been both renamed and modified does not pick up the modification.
  • (cpc), RPI-1115363 Update/improve error message if URL fails to open.
  • (cpc), RPI-1115398 Switching to a wirless network no longer throws a filter exception.
  • (cpc), RPI-115412 Display Story ID in Links TAB.
  • (cpc), RPI-115411 Display StoryID in ItemInfo in Audit Pane.
  • (cpc), RPI-1115416 Opening a URL no longer throws an IndexOutOfBounds Exception.
  • (DeltaII), RPI-1115375 DeltaII now closes all open input streams used to compare or merge files.
  • (Jenkins), Ignore checked in files/changes caused by excluded (build) users.
  • (Jenkins), RPI-1115407 Plugin no longer crashes if not generating changelog.

These can now be downloaded from http://supportline.microfocus.com


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