Query Tree Item Children (Label)


Returns all the property values of the children of items in the specified view, in a chosen project

rolled back to the point in time described by the view label
this query answers relationship questions of the nature of
 sub folders of a folder,
 sub tasks of a task, child requirements of a requirement, etc
 (note that branchable types such as files or sprints do not have children, hence will not return anything)
 folders are branchable types but do have child folders; in this respect, they behave like tree items

note also that some 'leaves' may themselves be branches or twigs...

In general, this query is most useful to identify child tree items, 
i.e. tree items which are children of other tree items, branches which may well be leaves,
but it is guaranteed not to fail for other types
The query also successfully identifies sub-folders of a folder

  projectid the integer id of the chosen project
  viewid the integer id of a view of the project
  labelid the integer id of a label of the view
typeid the integer id of a tree item type from the server catalog
  viewmemberid the integer id of the view member to query
  sessionid a valid session for the logged on user running this query
 @return the property values of the children items


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