Created On:  06 June 2011


When starting a StarTeam Server 2009 R2 configuration that has a valid BLS license installed, the message "You are about to start a configuration having no license keys." is displayed in a Window pop-up box.


This message is returned when there isn't any native license (either evaluation or regular license) installed on the StarTeam Server, regardless of whether valid BLS license exists or not. To know if there's a native license installed, go to StarTeam Server Administration/Help/About/License. Entries listed here are native licenses. In the screenshot below, it shows one evaluation license installed.

For customers with only BLS licenses and is getting this message on startup, please approach Micro Focus Customer Care to obtain an evaluation native license. Once installed, this message should not appear on subsequent startup. Even when the evaluation license subsequently expires, the message should not appear.

Note that the evaluation license given should match the BLS license type purchased (that is, either StarTeam Enterprise or StarTeam Enterprise Advantage).
Incident #2514819