Can not run Setup.exe after installing Quality center add-in 9.0



Can not run Setup.exe after installing Quality center add-in 9.0


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2008
  • Product Component: Quality Center add-in 9.0
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows 2003


After installing HP/Mercury Quality Center for Windows (Version Control Add-in) 9.0, when I try to run Setup.exe, nothing is happening.


This happens if wrong info is referenced in Setup.lax file. Go to Quality center add-in install folder C:\\Program Files\\Borland\\StarTeam Integrations\\StarTeam TestDirector Version Control Add-in 9.0\\ and open Setup.lax file in notepad. Check the value of lax.class.path parameter

If lax.class.path is pointing to StarTeam SDK 10 path, make sure that path is valid and exist in the system. If you notice SDK 10.0 is NOT installed but SDK10.1 exist, change the lax.class.path value like below

lax.class.path=;C:\\Program Files\\Borland\\StarTeam SDK 10.1\\Lib\\starteam101.jar;setup.jar;starteam-gui.jar;lax.jar

Notice the change in the name of jar file too in above line (starteam101.jar). Now save the setup.lax file and run Setup.exe. If the problem still persists, install Sun Java SE 1.6 from and then edit the setup.lax to change the value of like below C:\\Program Files\\Java\jdk1.6.0_01\\bin\\java.exe

At this point problem should go away. But if you still continue to have same issue, change Setup.lax as following to capture the output in DOS console and send it to tech support for assistance.


Note: This problem has been identified as a defect and CR#2193 has been created in our internal system to fix it.

Author: Praveen Boyeneni

Old KB# 29125
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