The StarTeam Command Line Engine


The StarTeam Command Line Engine comprises over 50 commands which may be driven through

  a) the stcmd.exe executable on Windows or stcmd shell script on Linux Platforms,

  b) the stcmdex.jar on Windows, Linux or Mac platforms, 

  c) the CommandProcessor class in the SDK.


stcmdex.jar provides an execution environment for stateless commands, i.e. commands which take -p or -s parameters.

At it's simplest, it is invoked in the context of the Java JRE runtime executable java,exe.

for example, \pathToJRE\java.exe -jar stcmdEx.jar describe -s "user:password@host:port"

stcmd.exe executes stateful commands in an interactive environment.

i.e. a command sequence starting with a connect, set project/view, command sequence, disconnect.

stcmd does invoke stateless commands by delegating them directly to stcmdEx.

The SDK hosts the CommandProcessor class, the Command Line Engine.

Java or C# developers may directly execute commands through Command Processor, for example

new CommandProcessor().execute("stateless or stateful command");


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