The set command. Switching project/view context in a stateful session


The syntax for this command is:
stcmd set project=projectName [view=viewName | viewHierarchy=viewName:viewName:…] [folderHierarchy=folderName/folderName/....] [-cfgl "label" | -cfgp "promotion state" | -cfgd "date"] [-pattern "date-pattern"]

After connecting to the server using the connect command, use the set command to designate the
project and view.
Note: This command is part of the stateful model and only works with stcmd, not stcmdEx.

Parameter Description
-cfgd Configures the view as of the specified date/time. Examples include:
"12/29/13 10:52 AM"
"December 29, 2013 10:52:00 AM PST"
"Monday, December 29, 2013 10:52:00 AM PST"
-cfgl Configures the view using the specified label. Without -cfgl, -cfgp, or -cfgd, the view’s
current configuration is used.
-cfgp Configures the view using the specified promotion state.

-pattern Qualifies the datetime. It can be specified wherever a date-time is specified, such as -cfgd,
-vd, etc. The pattern must match any valid pattern supported by the java JDK in
java.text.SimpleDateFormat.applyLocalizedPattern(String). The pattern
may be localized.
For every command that takes a -pattern parameter, a -locale parameter is optionally
available. This is the "two character country code".

The following example connects to the server using the connect command and designates the project of
StarDraw and the view of StarDraw using the set command. After connecting and designating project
and view, execute all command for that project and view without reconnecting each time. When command
are complete, use the disconnect command to disconnect from the project, view, and server.
Alternatively, use the set command to switch to a different project/view without disconnecting. You can
then execute all command in the new project/view context.
stcmd connect "JMarsh:password@Orion:1024"
stcmd set project = 'StarDraw' view ='StarDraw'


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