Providing arguments to the Cross Platform Client (CPC) StarTeamCP.stjava{32|64}


The Cross Platform Client may be run with different parameters (command line arguments) that alter its behavior. Each argument must be preceded by a -. Some arguments have qualifying values.

The list of arguments (with explanations) includes

ignoreNativeDLLs causes the CPC to run without loading the 32 / 64 bit .dll's StarTeam.FileAccess.dll, StarTeam.Environment.dll and StarTeam.Profile.dll). The runtime environment of the CPC is determined entirely by the 32/64 bit JRE used to launch the starteam-gui.jar
StarTeam.FileAccess.dll provides native operating system access to the file system (files and folders) which can improve CPC performance when accessing remote network drives or shares.

locale <value> causes the CPC to run in the specified locale.
e.g. -locale ja-JP-JP (for Japan) or th-TH-TH (for Thailand)
Note that running in a given locale implies that the CPC behaves as if the operating system locale has been changed to satisfy the specified parameter. However, the CPC UI currently only supports language translations for Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Portuguese.

netmon causes the CPC to write (to the client log) each and every server command issued from the SDK to the StarTeam server.

ping <value> causes the CPC to issue a keep-alive command to the server at the minute interval specified by the value
e.g. -ping 1 requires the CPC to issue a ping command to the server every minute.
This is useful for applications over slow or poor connections to keep the underlying socket alive.

nosplash causes the CPC to start up without displaying its splash screen.


There are 2 ways to specify arguments to the CPC

1) specify the arguments of interest in sequence on the class= line
class=com.starbase.starteam.gui.Main -ping 1 -netmon -ignoreNativeDLLs
Each argument is separated from its predecessor or sucessor or value by a space

2) specify the arguments of interest on a separate arguments line
Each argument is separated from its predecessor or sucessor by a comma. However, key-value arguments pairs such as -ping,1 cannot be specified in the argument set using this latter approach.


Note: From the 16.3 CPC Platform onward, we no longer install the SDK separately, and hence, we no longer have a dependence on .stjava{32|64}

Therefore, there is no longer the need to pass arguments to the CPC via a separate mechanism.

All the arguments above are deprecated, and where relevant, have been exposed as Personal Options.


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