StarTeam 16.0 Cross-Platform Client Patch 1 (


This release contains the following fixes and updates.

68914 (cpc) - CPC links panel now loads and displays the progress meter just once per selected artifact instance

68907 (cpc),RPI 1107304 - CPC no longer locks up intermittently, if network connection is lost

68871 (cpc) - CPC no longer blocks after deleting a not-in-view file or folder

68857 (cpc) - CPC no longer allows moving or sharing a file into a folder where the file exists with the same (case sensitive) name

68850 (cpc) - VCM Promote or Rebase, Restart Session no longer causes merge status’es to become Unchanged.

68849 (cpc) - Changing passwords through CPC now saves the updated credentials to the toolbar.

68848 (cpc) - Prevent sharing items to a folder if a share already exists in that folder

68843 (cpc), RPI 1107059 - Successfully create external links to older servers which do not have federated tracing support

68826 (cpc) - Context Menu Share now succeeds from a rolled back configuration to the tip

68809 (cpc) - File rollback for Binary Files is no longer enabled

68721 (cpc), RPI 1106689 - CPC now automatically switches to last selected version of a file on the label tab

68644 (cpc), RPI 1106359 - BIRT report output can now be formatted as .doc, .pdf and .html

10921 (stcmd) - Server Configuration SDKWorkflow enables workflow rules in command line updates

10917 (stcmd) - Implement new commands share, trace, attachment and user-resource, new ‘select query’ reports for attachments and user-resources

10944 (sdk), RPI 1107396 - Coerce an empty string into an empty enumerated value array for older APE extensions.

10952 (sdk) - C#.NET Server constructor no longer throws a j# getenv() deprecated exception.


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