Native 32 & 64 bit v/s Platform Independent Java StarTeam SDK’s


The Java builds of the StarTeam SDK are distributed as 32 or 64 bit Windows runtime executables, and as a platform independent universal .tar.gz runtime. The SDK .jar itself is a pure java deliverable compiled to byte code. 

The 32/64 bit Windows dependency is introduced via a native runtime, StarTeam.FileAccess.dll. This .dll is a C/C .dll which is explicitly compiled to 32 or 64 bits, and has to run accordingly on the corresponding platform (it is worth noting though, that  all 32 bit Windows software will run on a 64 bit Windows platform using Microsoft's Windows On Windows (WoW) framework.

StarTeam.FileAccess.dll provides optimized disk i/o by making native operating system calls to the file system, and is particularly valuable for users of the Cross Platform Client (CPC) who save their workspaces on windows mounted file systems or shared drives.

Since the 14.0 release, however, no other StarTeam java client products use the native .dll's. Therefore, to put this in context, only the StarTeam Cross Platform Client on Windows runs as a 32/64 bit platform executable.

In general, custom application developers are encouraged to install (xcopy deploy) the .tar.gz platform independent SDK, using a tool like 7-Zip or WinZip. On 64 bit Windows platforms, one may also install the 64 bit version of the SDK using the self extracting installer runtime. By default, the SDK is installed in c:/Program Files/Borland/, and will be launched in the 64 bit native Java JRE.

On 32 bit systems, or for application developers who specifcally want the 32 bit version of the SDK installed on a 64 bit system, use the 32 bit version of the SDK, which will be installed in c:/Program Files (x86)/Borland/. Bear in mind that any 32 bit software running on a 64 bit Windows system is constrained to an absolute maximum addressable memory space of 2 GBs. (though realistically, much less)

Finally, Cross Platform Client users who need to run the CPC without loading the native .dll, i.e. specifically as a pure java solution, can do so by adding an 'arguments' line to the [StJava] section of the StarTeamCP.stjava64 file in the CPC install folder. 


(This is most useful, for example, when windows file names and/or file system folder paths exceed 256 characters)


Note: From the 16.0 release onward, we no longer distribute the native .dll's as part of the SDK.

We have completely eliminated the dependence upon these native .dll's.

As a result, the installed CPC/SDK solution is completely platform independent. It is simply the installers which are platform specific.


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