The first REST Query required to be executed, to create a user session context.
Validates the user and sets up a unique session for him/her
Returns a unique GUID for the user which MUST be specified as a Query Param for all subsequent commands until logoff

The syntax of the query is
  logonusername the logon name
  password the clear case password satisfying http transmission rules

 Per http rules, special characters must have their hexadecimal values swapped in place for transmission
 (This is very important for strong passwords which contain these special characters)
      Indicates a space (spaces cannot be used in a URL). +
       / Separates directories and subdirectories. /
       ? Separates the actual URL and the parameters. ?
      % Specifies special characters. %
      # Indicates bookmarks. #
      & Separator between parameters specified in the URL. &
 @see java.net.URLEncoder.encode(String, "UTF-8");
 @return a unique text/plain guid which defines the logged in user context for the life of the session

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