Query labels using the list-labels command


The syntax for this command is:
stcmd{Ex} list-labels  [–epwdfile “passwordfilepath”] [-p "userName:password@hostName:endpoint/projectName/[viewName/][folderHierarchy/]"] | [-s "userName:password@hostName:endpoint] [-d]

Parameter Description
-d If specified, then a list of deleted labels will be generated.

-p Indicates the view to be used and also provides the user name and password needed to access the StarTeam Server. specifically, -p "user{:password}@host:port/projectName/viewName}

-epwdfile if a password is not specified in -p, then -epwdfile must be specified.

Unlike the 'CRUD' commands (select, insert, update and delete), -p and/or -epwdfile are not positional, and are not required to be at the end of the command. However, for consistency, application scripters may choose to position them so.

Use the list-labels command to list the active labels for the selected project or view.

stcmd list-labels -p Administrator:Administrator@localhost:49201/StarDraw/
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