How do I create a perfect copy of a view?


The best way to copy a view (i.e. to create a new view that is a perfect copy of the original view) is to use the Cross Platform Client (CPC).


From the CPC, start in the view I want to copy. (let's call it View V)

Use the View - 'Select View' Menu option, and from the view tree, pick the immediate parent view of View V.

(let's call that View P)

Now from View P, use the View - 'New' Menu Option, and use the view wizard to create a new view.

Select the 'Branch All' View Type and in the 'Included Item Types' Wizard Page, deselect all the selected check boxes.

On the 'Configuration' Wizard Page, leave 'Latest Server Time' as the selected default, click Finish.


When the operation completes, you have a branchable empty view, which is an immediate (albeit empty) sibling of View V.

Lets call this View S.


Now in View S, from the View Menu, run a View Compare Merge (VCM) REPLICATE session from View V (the original view)

i.e. View V is the Source of the REPLICATE Merge VCM Session, View S is the Target.

Pick those item types you want to 'copy' over. Let's say I'm only interested in Files, so pick just  the File Type.

(If I want other types included, such as ChangeRequest, or Task, pick those as well)

Run the full view scoped VCM session. 

Notice that every file from View V is being 'Shared' into View S.

Commit the session.

Once committed, you have successfully created a view (View S) which is a perfect copy of View V.

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