Update Change Requests from csv file. Custom CP tool



Update Change Requests from csv file. Custom CP tool


Update Change Requests from csv file. Custom CP tool

The CSV CR Update tool imports comma separated or tab separated CR export files into Starteam, applying the changes made in the file. The tool is launched from the Cross Platform custom tools menu available to Advantage customers. The tool is perfect for making bulk changes to CRs.

Export a csv file either from the Starteam Client or the command line CR Export tool available here. Import the exported file into Excel and make any necessary changes and remove unchanged fields; save the file in Excel as a csv file. Using the tool, import the data back into Starteam.

This tool has some limitations detailed in the included documentation. These limitations include importing free form text and dates. The ST client does not correctly export carriage returns in free form text. The only available option is to convert them to spaces. For obvious reasons this shouldn"t be imported back into Starteam. The command line CR export tool handles carriage returns correctly and can be used to edit the text.

Instructions are included on how to install, use and run the tool.
Java sources and build xml file is also included.
The open source project opencsv was used to parse the csv import files. The jar is included in the package as well as the location for license information for that tool.

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