How can I tell if MPX is running on my server ?



How can I tell if MPX is running on my server ?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version:All
  • Product Component:?MPX
  • Platform/OS Version: All

Question: How can I tell if MPX is running on my server?
To tell if MPX is running for your server, please consult the server log and look for the message:
StarTeamMPX: Message from RTserver: Connection established.

If you have MPX running on your environment you will have window services started that are responsible for broadcasting the MPX events to the server/clients. These services are StarTeam Message Broker and StarTeam Multicast Services.

Note: If you open the client and select the option to open project, the Open Project Wizard will open and from this you can select a server and then select properties. The properties window can then be used to select the option called MPX Profiles. The profiles window can then display the options in use for this server and also the server address etc. You should also see a thunderbolt icon in the bottom of the client window once the project opens which indicates MPX is running.
Author: David McLeish
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