How can I specify alternate applications in the Linux CPC on the file type level?



How can I specify alternate applications in the Linux CPC on the file type level?


  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2008
  • Product Component: Cross Platform Client
  • Platform/OS Version: ALL

There is currently no function native within the StarTeam linux CPC to specify alternate applications on the file type level. This functionality can be attained however using KDE"s Konqueror file manager. This feature requires that you have the KDE user environment installed, however it is not required that you use it as your window manager. If you do not have the KDE base installed, check your distribution"s package manager.

  1. In StarTeam, click TOOLS | PERSONAL OPTIONS | Select FILE Tab. Under "Open With" enter the path to the Konqueror binary. This is usually /usr/bin/konqueror and can be found using whereis konqueror or locate konqueror.

Star Team Open As

  • Open konqueror, then go to Settings > Configure Konqueror then click "File Associations"

  • Using the search box, search for the file type you wish to specify an application for (for example .doc) If the type exists, proceed to step six.

    Konqueror searching for file type

  • If the file type does not exist, click Add under Known Types and specify a name for the file type

  • Click Add under Filename Patterns and add all known extensions for the file type, preceded with a wildcard. (For example, *.doc and *.docx)

konqueror add file

  • Select the file type entry in the Known Types pane and click Add under Application Preference Order. Then select your preferred Application.

    konqueror select app

  • Repeat steps three to six until all necessary associations are added.
    Click Apply then Ok. Your file associations are now added and will open with the specified applications.
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