How do I updgrade from StarTeam 2005 (7.0.125) to StarTeam 2006 (9.0.236)?



How do I updgrade from StarTeam 2005 (7.0.125) to StarTeam 2006 (9.0.236)?



  • Product Name: StarTeam
  • Product Version: 2005 / 2006
  • Product Component: Upgrade
  • Platform/OS Version: Windows


You may need to contact Supportline to get the below versions -

The correct path for upgrading from StarTeam 2005 (7.0.125) to StarTeam 2006 (9.0.236) is via the following route;

  1. Stop all StarTeam configurations, and close StarTeam Server (and any StarTeam Clients)
  2. Download & install StarTeam 2005 (7.0.133) on top of your current version of StarTeam 2005 (7.0.125)
  3. Download & install Patch #11 (for StarTeam 2005 7.0.133) or StarTeam 2005: Server 11
  4. Download & install StarTeam 2005 R2 (8.0.172)
  5. Click on StarTeam 2005 Release 2, and following the instructions.
  6. Download & install Patch #29 (for StarTeam 2005 R2 8.0.172)
  7. At this stage you must "Upgrade" the database - On 2005 R2, there is a button on the Tool Bar labelled "Upgrade Database" -this button is only active when the server configuration is NOT running. It is recommended that you take a database backup at this stage (if not already done so) before performing this database upgrade. NOTE: Only if this is successful, should you proceed any further.
  8. After a successful StarTeam 2005 R2 & database upgrade, you will need to convert the vault architecture from Native-I to Native-II. To do this, first create a new Hive under the Hive Manager and please ensure that you have sufficient disk space for the conversion (At least 2x the space of the original repository) - please do not use the existing locations of the archive & cache folders - this could cause irreversible data corruption.
  9. Next, Push "Start Conversion"button, and re-start your 2005 R2 Server Configuration - This process may take some time depending on how large your repository is, and it will run in the background. You can check the progress by checking the "GoNativeII.Log" file (usually located in the standard logfile directory)
  10. Once this has completed successfully, you will now be ready to install StarTeam 2006 server. NOTE: You will not be able to upgrade your database to StarTeam 2006 if there were any references to Native-I or any other issues with any of the previous steps.
  11. Start the StarTeam 2006 Server, and again select "Upgrade Database" once again, it is advisable to have taken a backup of your database before proceeding.

At this stage you will now have successfully upgraded your StarTeam 2005 to StarTeam 2006.



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