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StarTeam Command Line Tools

New Parameter -pi

A new -pi parameter has been added for add, ci, and sync commands. When adding -pi

typename:"path", the type name is the internal name of a component that supports being a process item type, for example change request, task, requirement, story, custom component name.

New Parameter: rolldown

In the Select command, rolldown can only be specified for tree item types. When specified, the

children of the selected tree items (specifically, the entire tree of descendants) are added to the result set.

StarTeam Cross-Platform Client

Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3

StarTeam Cross-Platform Client now supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3.

Configuring Projects to Create Workspace Change Packages

StarTeam Cross-Platform Client now provides a way control workspace Change Package creation at the project-level. If the feature is enabled (the default), then Change Packages are created when files are checked in, folders are created, and etc. The feature behavior changes depending on the StarTeam Server configuration in the starteam-server-configs.xml file.

Refer to the Project section, Configuring Projects to Create Workspace Change Packages topic, of the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client help for more information on how to use this feature.

Favorite Projects

StarTeam Cross-Platform Client now provides the ability to save projects to Favorites, making it easy to return to frequently used projects.

Server Outage Information Available Through StarTeam Cross-Platform Client

Server outage information is now available through StarTeam Cross-Platform Client.

StarTeam Git Command Line Utility

The StarTeam Git Command Line Utility brings centralized source code control and security to teams using Git. Git users can connect to the StarTeam Server using the command line utility to push and pull changes with their local Git repository. Teams are able to share Projects in StarTeam such that developers can work synchronously either in Git or StarTeam clients.

With the StarTeam Git Command Line Utility, developers can:

  • Use the clone command to clone a StarTeam View from a StarTeam Server and populate the master branch in a local Git repository with the tip content.

Important: The clone command initializes the developers local Git workspace and allows them to issue further commands to interact with the StarTeam View content. User credentials specified during the clone command will be cached and re-used during subsequent fetch, pull, and push commands from the same local repository unless a different username or password is specified during those commands. However, caching of credentials is only available on Microsoft Windows platforms and all commands issued from Linux must specify a username and password.

  • Use the fetch and pull commands to update a local Git repository with changes from StarTeam.

When you pull changes, each StarTeam Change Package becomes a commit in a local Git repository.

  • Use the push command to push changes from a local Git repository into StarTeam Server. Each Git commit becomes a StarTeam Change Package, including the user ID, timestamp, and comment.


  • Developers are able to use their preferred Git client tools on a local Git repository while connecting with the centralized StarTeam source code control system using the StarTeam Git Command Line Utility.
  • Enterprises retain what StarTeam offers: rich change management, ALM traceability, Issue/Process enforcement, security, and visibility.

StarTeam Server

Offline Proxy Utility

Use the new Offline Proxy utility to communicate to StarTeam users that the server is down for

maintenance. Previously, when StarTeam Server is down due to database issues or maintenance, a user connecting with StarTeam SDK or StarTeam Cross-Platform Client gets a message stating, "Unable to connect to server." Since they do not know what the reason is, they might raise issues with their IT department . When using the Offline Proxy utility, administrators can better communicate the reason for the disruption in the Server, avoiding unnecessary IT service tickets.

Server Message Notification

The new Server Message Notification alerts users when logging in or when the StarTeam Offline Proxy is running. Configure the message from the Server Administration Tool Configuration.

Server Hooks

Server hooks are scripts that run automatically every time a particular event occurs in the StarTeam Server repository. Server hooks allow the user to trigger customizable actions at key points in the development life cycle. For more information, refer to the "Server Hooks" topic in the Server Administration Help.

Custom Component Builder Enhancements

StarTeam Server now provides the ability to add Primary Descriptors and Secondary Descriptors using Custom Component Builder.

Support for Oracle Database Character Set AL32UTF8

StarTeam Server now supports Oracle database character set AL32UTF8.

Support for Oracle Database 12c Container Databases

StarTeam Server now supports Oracle Database 12c container databases.

Support for Oracle 12c version 12.2

StarTeam Server now supports Oracle 12c version 12.2.

Support for SQL Server 2016

StarTeam Server now supports SQL Server 2016.

Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2016

StarTeam Server now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2016.

Support for PostgreSQL 9.6

StarTeam Server now supports PostgreSQL 9.6.

De-support of Object Caching on Server

Object Caching is de-supported on the server. StarTeam Server will ignore ObjectTypes Setting

setting defined in CacheAgentConfig.xml file for all cache agents which include root and remote cache agents.

Workflow Extensions

New Controls for Extensions guicomponents.jar

New controls have been added to the extensions guicomponents.jar. The controls are:

  • MultiSelectCheckBoxControl
  • UserListPropertyEditor
  • ContentEditor

For more details, refer to the Workflow Extensions User's Guide.

StarTeam Web Client

New File Service Button in File List Perspective

The StarTeam Web Client File List perspective now has a Use File Service button.

This is a toggle button that indicates whether you want to use file service or not.

When the button is not clicked, the file list loads without file statuses.

If you want to use the file service, click the Use File Service button and click Refresh. The File Service launches and file statuses, check in, and check out files is visible.


16.1 Update 1

StarTeam Eclipse Plugin

StarTeam Eclipse Plugin Now Supports Stories

StarTeam Eclipse Plugin now supports Stories, giving you the ability to:

  • List Stories
  • Create, edit, and delete Stories
  • Modify Story properties in the Item Editor, including support for Rich Text.
  • Access Story Preference page
  • Edit Rich Text using Content Property

StarTeam Eclipse Plugin Available for Download Only

The installation for StarTeam Eclipse Plugin is available only from the Micro Focus Supportline

StarTeam Quality Center Synchronizer

Support for 64-Bit HP Quality Center Synchronizer

StarTeam now supports a 64-bit HP Quality Center Synchronizer.



StarTeam Command Line Tools

Add-User Command

Three new parameters have been added to the add-users command:


-distinguishedname                           User's directory service distinguished name

-directoryservicevalidation                If specified, turns on directory service validation.

-fixedlicense                                      If specified, sets the user to inherit a fixed license.


Update-User Command

Use the update-user command to update a user properties on the StarTeam Server.

Either -logonname or -userid are required to identify the user. All other parameters are optional.

If specified, the new property will be applied to the user.

Only users with administrative privileges can run this command on behalf of any user.

Manage-User Command

Use the manage-user command to manage another user. The command must be run by an administrator, and must specify the logon name of the user being managed.

It is not possible to manage your own account with this command unless you are changing a password with -changePassword.

Select Command

The Select command now contains new queries:

attachments          Use this option to generate a report identifying all the attachments by name, ID, size, and md5 for each item in the select list.

duplicate-shares Use this option to override properties. If specified, it generates an exception report of all items which are shares of each other in the selected view.

missing-artifacts Use this option to override properties. If specified, it generates an exception report of all items which are not attached to he label (specified by attached-to-label) in the selected view.

Share Command

The Share command shares any StarTeam artifact from one view to another view, from a folder to another folder in the same view, and etc. The Share command returns the item ID of the newly created share.

Attachment Command

Use the attachment command to attach an item to a change request, task or requirement.

User-Resource Command

Use the user-resource command to add or remove a user resource from a Requirement or Task.

Check Out Command

A new parameter, -chgpkgid 1234567, has been added to the co command.

If specified, the checkout is based on a committed change package, with the specified view member ID.

All files attached to that change package are checked out at the revisions they were at when the change package was committed.

Make Public Command

Use the make-public command to convert private filters or queries to public.

Reorganized Command Line Help

Common options no longer reside in a separate topic. Common options appear among options within each command, making it easier to select options while working within a command's help topic.

StarTeam Cross-Platform Client

The following are the new features for this release of the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client.

Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

StarTeam now supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.

Bulk Updates

Edit multiple items of a particular type in bulk (as a group).

For example, you can update three Change Requests status collectively to Finished.

This feature has a new Bulk Update menu item, and is available for Change Request, Requirements, Tasks types, and custom components.

Search Supports Wildcard Queries

Search now support wildcard and prefix queries.

Search Using Display Name of Property

Search now supports the use of property display name. In past releases, search queries of the type field:value were possible only on internal field names. Now, the field parameter accepts input of the property's display name.

Auto Client Update

Administrator's can distribute StarTeam Cross-Platform Client updates to each client. To run the update, choose Download Client Update from the Help menu.

Ability to Turn Private Filters to Public Filters

StarTeam now provides the ability to turn private filters into public filters.

Full View Name Displays in Results

The full view name now displays in the search result page for each matching artifact.

Matching Artifact Field Displays in Results

The matching artifact fields from the search query now displays in the result page.

Distribute starteam-client-options.xml through StarFlow Extensions

Check starteam-client-options.xml into StarFlow Extensions to ensure all clients use customized personal option values. The users need to have access right permissions to see StarFlow Extensions project and to see and check-out the files in order to use the functionality.

Note: Do not use options in the starteam-client-options.xml that are path specific.

Ignore Files

Ignore acts as a note to self to ignore the marked files. It does not change any functionality within the files or within StarTeam. You can restore files back to their StarTeam status when you are done ignoring them.

VCM Skip a Revision

Skip-a-Revision feature has been modified to show an extra "In scope" column. If the VCM session is scoped with Process item, the revisions that include the process item will be marked with red triangles.

Use Last Modification Time for Folders During Checkout

Using last modification time for folders during check out uses the last modification time when Working folders are created. Otherwise, the current time is used. To select or deselect this option, go to Personal Options.

Sort Open Window by Name

You can now sort the opened windows by name. Windows are sorted by the order in which they are opened as default. To activate this option, go to Personal Options.

StarTeam Server

The following are the new features for this release of the StarTeam Server.

Enable Sandbox Server Search

A new configuration option has been added to starteam-search-configs.xml to exclude items in a sandbox type view from being indexed/searched. Refer to Search Index Configuration topic in the Server Administration Help.

Project Access Rights

You can now configure project access rights from the Server Administration tool. The areas you can configure are:

  • View/edit project access rights
  • User access rights report
  • Clone Project rights
  • Clone view rights

Enable SDK Workflow Server Configuration Option

If Enable SDK Workflow is turned on, SDK Workflow is enabled. Refer to Managing Log and Initialization Files and the starteam-server-configs.xml in the Server Administration Help.

Upgrade Distribution through StarFlow

A new Client Upgrade feature allows StarTeam administrators to easily make StarTeam Cross-Platform Client releases available to their user base. To distribute:

Check the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client release build(s) into the StarTeam Server, StarFlow Extensions project, default view, root folder.

The build file names are required to follow specific patterns which are described below:

Installer Type

Build File Name

64 bit windows



Installer Type

Build File Name

32 bit windows


Linux client


Mac Client



New script starteam_postgres_create_compute_stats.sql added to this release.

starteam_postgres_create_compute_stats.sql  Updates query optimization statistics. Updating statistics ensures that queries compile with up-to-date statistics. Can be run online or offline.

starteam_postgres_create_index_maintenance_script.sql Rebuilds indexes. Can be run online or offline.

Analyze Server Log or Analyze Archived Server Logs

Analyze Server Log and Analyze Archived Server Logs are new menu options for Server Administration, under Tools > Administration. These new Administrative user options analyze the server log(s) and report the connections usage over time. These options can also be used by launching the Server Administration Tool bundled with the Windows version of StarTeam Cross-Platform Client.



StarTeam Command Line Tools

The following are the updates for this release of the StarTeam Command Line Tools.

Select Command

The Select command now contains new queries:


Use this option to generate a software lines-of-code count report.

Update-Property Command

Updates the display name of any StarTeam property on any type.

StarTeam Cross-Platform Client

The following are the new features for this release of the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client.

Change Request User Lists Only Show Active Users

From version 16.0 onwards (client and server), all user lists, such as Responsible Users for a Change Request, exclude Suspended or non-active users.

Full Change Package Rollback

The new Rollback menu item in the Change Package perspective rolls back all of the files attached to the committed Change Package.

A new workspace Change Package is created and can be committed. The revision attached to the Change Package is reverse merged out of the tip content. The reverse merge process itself is manual. You are prompted to run the merge using the Delta II tool. When the reverse merge is complete, the updated content is stored as part of the session. When committed to the current view, you get the desired effect.

Multi-Select Context Menu

The new multi-select context menu options help moving or sharing items across projects or views. This new UI provides an alternative to the traditional drag-and-drop approach.

Spell Checker

The new spell checker component tracks text as it is typed in multi line text fields, such as Task Notes and Change Request Synopsis. It underlines incorrectly spelled words using a red wavy font and offers suggestions for correction. To toggle the spell checking option, check your Personal Options.

This is supported in English, French, German and Portuguese.

Symbolic Links

The File type now contains a symbolic link property. If content is checked in or out via a symbolic link, the address of the target is stored in the new property value.

Support for Mac Client

The StarTeam Cross-Platform Client now supports the Mac client. See the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client System Requirements for supported versions.

VCM Commit with Full History

Multiple revisions of a file (it's history) can be propagated to the parent view during a VCM promote session. This is typically likely if you have checked in multiple versions of a branched file in the child view, and then you ran the promote and want to carry the history of all subsequent revisions since the last promote.

Since the historical revisions in the child view may have been created by other users (than the user doing the commit), the person performing the commit must be granted impersonation rights at the server.

This feature can only be turned on at the project level using the new project option: Merge File History during VCM commits, and is supported on StarTeam Server versions 16.0 .

VCM Content Differences Display

The File Content differences pane for File Compare/Merge operations has been expanded to include two new panes. The first pane displays the file content differences between the Source File and the Common Ancestor picked for the merge. The second pane displays the file content differences between the Common Ancestor and the Target File.

VCM Process Item and Attached Revisions

The VCM wizard has been expended so that if a Story is used as an aggregator (rollup) of attached process items, the Story resolves to in-view Tasks created by Agile, and the in-view Tasks are used as cross project process items to files in a completely different view. A Sprint can be used for VCM as an aggregator of attached Stories. The attached Stories follow the same rules. The VCM wizard automatically changes its context to the project/view in which the files reside, and runs the VCM session for the attached files.

VCM Skip Multiple Revisions

The Skip-A-Revision feature in VCM has been modified to support skipping multiple revisions. Each selected revisions needs to be reverse merged out of the content using the merge tool Delta aII.

Workspace Modified Time

The StarTeam Server has introduced a new property on the view called Workspace Modified Time.

This property value is automatically updated to the current time whenever files are checked into the view. This property value is visible through the View Property dialog box in the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client, and is returned as part of the list-views query of the command line.

StarTeam Server

The following are the new features for this release of the StarTeam Server.

Cloning Users

You can now clone existing users to facilitate creating a new user based on another. In the User Manager, right click and select Clone.

Custom Component Builder

The Custom Component Builder now allows you to:

  • Clone a component definition to quickly create a new one based on another.
  • Export a definition to save a copy of it.
  • Read and display the XML file from other server configurations.

Database Migration

You can now use the database migration function to migrate PostgreSQL to Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.

Additionally, database migration is now supported on StarTeam Server running on Linux operating system.

Import/Export Manager

You can now use Import/Export Manager to copy data between Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

Online Purge

Online Purge now supports PostgreSQL.

Server Configuration Settings

DefaultBinaryExtensions This new setting in starteam-server-configs.xml allows you to specify a semi-colon separated list of extensions which will automatically be treated as binary files on check-in.


The following are the new features for search:

  • You can select multiple configurations to search.
  • You can search using non-Windows Clients.
  • You can search using the StarTeam Web Client.
  • You can search users and groups in the User Manager.

Shut Down Remote Server

You can now use the Server Administration Utility to shut down remote server configurations. Click Actions > Shut Down Server.


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