Created On:  27 July 2010


The StarTeam Server becomes unresponsive for a period of time and may eventually crash. The server log shows the error:

Unexpected Condition: Expression: 1 < ShareTree.GetCount()
File: .\Operation_MemberDeleteMemberTree.cpp
Line: 188
Unexpected Condition: Expression: Info.DerivedCnt() == DerivedItemIDs.GetSize()
File: .\ShareCache.cpp
Line: 417


This error occurs when a large project has been deleted from the server and is followed by a server hang or crash.

The StarTeam server should be patched to ST 2008 R2 patch 11 (  In this version Micro Focus has included the following fix:

"55580: Items whose parents have been deleted due to incorrect derived counts are reparented"

Please contact SupportLine for this patch release.

Micro Focus suggests that, as best practice, the StarTeam client should not be used to delete projects/views as the resources required to re-parent and re-index can cause instability while the server is online and active.

Micro Focus is working on a major fix which will be available in the the 2011 release of StarTeam.  In the meantime, Micro Focus can address your deleting needs through scripts.

Please contact SupportLine for more advice on this issue.
Incident #2466999