Starteam 15.0 Cross-Platform Client Patch 2 ( Released.


Starteam 15.0 CPC patch #2  ( has been released.

This release contains the following fixes.

67820 (cpc) - Provide a Federated Trace implementation wherein cross server traces are stored in a standalone StarTeam server configuration

67873 (cpc) - Do not repeat file system error messages if thrown when the disk watcher is enabled.

67874 (cpc) - Provide a custom trigger for checkin, checkout and label operations on files.

67899 (cpc) - Allow editing of name and description of committed change packages

67900 (cpc) - Provide a new radio button on the Changes Pane to show Change Packages that can be reached via Traces.

67902 (cpc) - Refresh the Changes Pane if a Change Package is created through a different client.

67665 (cpc) - Introduce Undo (rollback) of a file revision from history

10637 (sdk) - Introduce a File.Operation class to support the custom trigger implementation template.

10640 (vcm) - Prefer a RE_PIN over a MERGE on REBASE if the target has not branched, but its tip is a revision from source history.

10626 (stcmd) - Provide a Transfer-Traces one-time command to convert a multi configuration server to a federated trace environment.

10652 (stcmd) - List-users command

10653 (stcmd) - Extend the select command to generate a connection log report

You can download the hotfix from Micro Focus SupportLine.

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