Micro Focus StarTeam 16.0 Cross-Platform Client Patch 2 Released (Build


The following enhancements are contained in patch 2 (builds CPC; SDK


(cpc) Checking in a file in a merge state, then cancelling out, no longer leaves an uncommitted workspace change package

(cpc) Rolled back Change Package VCM Sessions cannot be restarted

(cpc) Orphaned Uncommitted Workspace Sessions can only be deleted

(cpc) Modifying File Properties via the Links TAB no longer throws an Exception

(cpc) The add/checkin dialog boxes Lock radio button usage is sticky, and remembered across CPC restarts.

(cpc, vcm), RPI 1108224 At full scoped vcm sessions, the Folder Type checkbox is always selected, and disabled from de-selection

(cpc), SPI 2886333 File System Watcher now displays the Folder hierarchy, along with the file system directory path, if an operating system exception occurs

(cpc) Support Search server upgrade to Tomcat 8, with enhanced validity checking for URLs

(cpc), 10997(sdk), RPI 1108227 Assign modification time to folders on file checkout, may be turned on or off with a Client Options checkbox.

(cpc), RPI 1108143 CPC no longer displays a warning message regarding existing filters when left running for long periods of time.

(cpc) Opening a URL to a StarTeam artifact always uses the ‘Show All’ Filter

(cpc) CPC now pops up a warning message when the VCM session alternate path is set

(cpc) When the Share Dialog is launched, the current view is the highest entry in the view tree

(cpc) When the Move Dialog is launched, the current view is the highest entry in the view tree

(cpc), RPI 1107648 The View Properties Dialog will always load, even if the view base configuration is incorrect

(cpc), RPI 1107596 The ‘View’ Menu Item Chinese translation has been corrected

(sdk), RPI 1107849 16.0 SDK now loads correctly on native 32 bit windows, as well as Wow (32 on 64) Windows

(sdk), RPI 1107932 stcmd co, apply-label commands accept an additional parameter –iip (ignore invalid path)

(sdk), RPI 1107929-30 stcmd select introduces two new custom exception reports duplicate-shares and missing-artifacts

(sdk, vcm) VCM Session no longer throws a PropertyMergeException if the Character Set value has changed across views

(sdk, cpc), RPI 1108038 Optimize performance loading CPC links TAB links when old style links are prevalent.

(sdk, vcm), RPI 1107976 VCM Session no longer throws an invalid time exception when committing merge history on PROMOTE.

(sdk) stcmd co command now performs on par with the CPC checkout

(sdk, stcmd) stcmd now loads the java jre installed with the sdk

(sdk, vcm), RPI 1108146 Items whose parent folders are deleted will no longer prevent the VCM session from committing

(sdk, vcm) Exclusively locked items whose parent folder is being deleted now provide a more contextually meaningful error message identifying the item and the lock owner (requires upgraded server patch)

(sdk), SPI 2886172 Files with path folder & subfolder lengths exceeding 256 characters can now be checked in. Windows StarTeam.*.dll’s no longer installed

(sdk), SPI 2885116 Checkout on Log History through CPC or stcmd now produces the same date format. Windows StarTeam.*.dll’s no longer installed

(sdk, cpc), RPI 1107679 Installed JRE upgraded to 1.8.112, to address known security vulnerabilities

(sdk), RPI 1108244 Resolving a pinned trace endpoint from an item after the other endpoint item is moved to a different project no longer reports an error message

(sdk) StSDKLoader now indicates the file being processed for the java vm, and the vm name, if the vm cannot be found.


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