Created On:  06 August 2012


Even when the operating system settings are correct for the local time zone, the date and time checked in and the file modified times are both displaying times which are the difference between GMT and the local time zone. The connection properties under the File menu in StarTeam also shows the same time difference on login times.


This is related to a problem with Java reading time zone information from the registry. To check this,

1. Open StarTeam
2. Click Help | About
3. Click "Info"
4. Scroll down to the bottom of the info panel
5. Check the time zone

This will show that the time zone is set to GMT. To resolve this issue,

1. Change the time zone to something other than the current setting and save the change


2. Change the time zone back to the correct time and save again
3. Restart the StarTeam Server
4. Check the time stamps on the files

If the problem persists please contact Technical Support.