Micro Focus StarTeam 16.1 Server HotFix 1 Released (Build


The following fixes and enhancements are contained in HotFix 1 ( Build

• Added new property "General" to Story component

• Enterprise Licenses load Requirement component

• Add Kanban and Swimlane Components

• Improve logging for connection exceptions for Rhythm

• Add Story as a supported Process Item type

• Fixed a bug in Change Package object where in the source and target endpoints are external links 69,573 : Fixed an upgrade Issue from 13.0 to 16.0 where in the ConfigLabel "Flags" property in CTABLES did not get updated correctly. As a result attaching a file to a label fails with an Access Violation Occurred on Oracle db.

• Fixed an issue in User Manager where in the additional licenses not shown in server log.

• Added Database (Server) Name in Server Administration Tool

• Fixed a bug in “Copy Online Purge Log option” in Server Administration.

• Fixed an issue where in evaluation license is not displayed in server administration.

• Added a new configuration option "ValidateDBConnection" ( Valid Values 1 = ON and 0 = OFF). When this option is turned on, Server validates the db connection before it is used. This feature was put in to mitigate bad database connections in the database connection pool which often result in ORA-03113.


This is available for download from http://supportline.microfocus.com/


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