StarTeam 15.1 HotFix 7 Server (build


We are pleased to announce the release of Starteam 15.1 Hotfix 4. This is now available on It contains the following fixes and enhancements.

NOTE: Search functionality will only work with this server build when the CPC is upgraded to or higher.

  • RPI ( 1108067)      Upgrade the bundled JRE version to 1.8.112 and Tomcat Server to 8.5.9
  • CR 69,143             Fixed a bug where in Pinned traces are no longer visible when an item is moved. 
  • CR 69,101             Fixed a label cache issue to dump deleted labels immediately from the cache so that another label with the same name is created successfully.
  • CR 69,045             Fixed an IEM bug to successfully import Test/TestRun filters/ queries.
  • CR 68,875             Fixed a server startup failure issue after upgrading to the newer version. A failed server start fails to rollback newly created database columns which in turn causes subsequent server restarts to fail.


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