Starteam 14.4 Cross-Platform Client Patch 11 (


The following enhancements are contained in patch 11 (builds CPC; SDK

68290 (cpc) Add work records to a task when checking in files and using it as the process item

68288 (cpc) Target Release property on Sprint and Story now support alphanumeric sorting in lists

68277 (cpc) Display the last modified user name and time in the filter dialog

68263 (cpc) Address a potential null pointer exception when restarting a change package for promote

68260 (cpc) Optimize opening the client with a folder URL

68259 (cpc) Revision number is now displayed in the vcm property panel

68257 (cpc) Folders exclusively locked by a different user show a lock icon in the folder tree

68252 (cpc) Support over 256 character lengths of Folder Exclude Lists

10784 (sdk) Optimize vcm compare, exclude share tree and change package queries outside scope

10779 (sdk) GetValue(Property) now correctly transforms java arrays to C# arrays


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