The following enhancements are contained in patch 10 (builds CPC; SDK

68225 (cpc) Extend the Status Column of the Links Pane to display status property values of all supporting types.

68211 (cpc) Extend VCM Skip-A-Revision to skip multiple revisions, one at a time

68205 (cpc) Prevent a Null Pointer Exception when reloading a frame after a server diconnect

68169 (cpc) Correct the behavior of the Change Viewer Context Menu actions when comparing file content revisions.

10772 (sdk) Introduce $DotNotation$ simple key for File type keyword expansion.

10767 (sdk) Support a DefaultBinaryExtensions server setting, a ; separated list of extensions e.g. .pdf;.xls;.doc will always be treated as BINARY file types.

10765 (stcmd) Properties that are marked NotUserModifiable (for the CPC) may be updated through the command line bulk update command

10763 (vcm) Prevent an Illegal State Exception when committing a non-file-type property merge condition

10755 (stcmd) Implement a new changed-lines-of-code report through stcmd select query

10752 ( Support the FileSyncInfo interface exposed as a return type of the FileBasedStatusManager object in C#

10740 (stcmd) Implement a new server-build command in the command line engine

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