StarTeam Server 16.2 HotFix 1 released (build


The following enhancements are contained in Starteam Server HotFix 1 (build


  • Added support for Active Directory 2012 R2.
  • Fixed a bug in MPX SmartSockets implementation where in some messages are ignored by RemoteCacheAgent 
  • Fixed a bug in Configure Search option where in attempting to exclude projects and views from search fails with an error when the search configuration is missing (for old configurations).
  • Server now sends MPX events for individual delete operations for all item types except folders.
  • Fixed an issue where in stored password of SMTP certificate is removed if any changes are made to the configuration details.
  • VersionMetadatEx is missing server name and port.
  • Improved debug logging for cache agents.
  • Added https support for ALMServiceURL This enables Atlas Rest notifications going to https URLs.
  • Fixed a bug in Version Metadata when a deleted item is shared back without deleting the trace.
  • Fixed a Server Administration User manager sorting issue the configuration details.
  • Fixed a bug in VersionMetadataEx to use the name field instead of description.
  • Fixed an Issue with access rights of trace endpoints.
  • Fixed flags for Content property in Concept component.
  • Added the functionality to allow the RemoteCA to access a copy of the vault if available



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