StarTeam 16.3 released


What's New


The following are the new features in this release.

StarTeam Command Line Tools
The following are the updates for this release of the StarTeam Command Line Tools.

New -iip Parameter in the co Command
The new -iip parameter allows you to ignore invalid path, specifically when describing rolled back or labeled

Updates to merge-label Command to Use -rollupLabels or -sourceview

The merge-label command can now be used in two different ways.
• When used with -sourceview: The merge-label command creates a new label, if one does not already exist, in the target view, copying the properties of the source label from the source view. After the label has been created, the command finds the items in the source view attached to the source label, identifies the set of items in the target view that need to be attached to the target label, attaches them at the tip, and moves them back to the revision at which the items were attached in the source. While this command supports both view and revision labels, it is more useful for view labels (which are not supported through the StarTeam Cross Platform Client ), unlike (cross-project) Revision Label copy,which is.

This command supports attaching labels both to items that have been shared across (in-project) viewsas well as to items that have been moved across projects.

• When used with -rolluplabels: The merge-label command creates a new label, if one does not already exist, in the target view. After the label has been created, the command rolls up all the revisions of all items of the selected type spanning all the labels and attaches them to the new label at the highest item revision identified.

StarTeam Cross-Platform Client
The following are the new features for this release of the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client.

Fast View Compare/Merge Rebase and Promote
The View Compare/Merge now has Fast Rebase and Promote menu options. This enhancement provides significant performance improvements while performing a full view rebase or promote.

Support up to Five Property Groups per Filter
StarTeam now supports up to five property groups per filter.

Read-only File of Revision Label History
Cross-Platform Client now provides and option to launch a read-only file pane containing the historical revisions attached to a revision label.

Email Supports Rich Text Formatting with Attachments.
Emails sent from the StarTeam Cross-Platform Client now support rich text formatting with attachments.

View Compare/Merge Enforces Change Packages
Full View VCM (View Compare/Merge) has been optimized to take advantage of Change Package enforcement.

Directly Rename Files in StarTeam
The Cross-Platform Client File menu now provides an option to directly rename a file in StarTeam.

Assign Custom Field Values when Checking in Files
You can now assign custom field values when checking in files.

Enhanced Link Handling
Old style links can now either be pinned or float at checkin. Additionally, existing links can be updated or new links can be created on each checkin.

Flagging Change Packages
Flag or unflag change packages from a menu option.

Close Window with Shift Key
View Frame Windows can now be closed directly from the Window Sub-menu view list, using the Shift key.It is no longer necessary to select the window to close it.

StarTeam Git Client

Note: The StarTeam Git Connector command line utility from the 16.2 release will be deprecated in a
future release.

The StarTeam Git Client brings centralized source code control and security to teams using Git clients. Git users can connect to the StarTeam Server using the regular Git commands to push and pull changes with their local Git repository. Teams are able to share Projects in StarTeam such that developers can work
synchronously either with their favorite Git clients or StarTeam clients.=
With the StarTeam Git Client, developers can:
• Use the clone command to clone a StarTeam View and its immediate child views as branches into a local Git repository.
Important: The clone command initializes the developers local Git workspace and allows them to issue further commands to interact with the StarTeam View content. User credentials specified during the clone command will be cached and re-used during subsequent fetch, pull, and push commands from the same local repository unless a different username or password is specified during those commands. However, caching of credentials is only available on Microsoft Windows platforms and all commands issued from Linux must specify a username and password.
• Use the fetch and pull commands to update a local Git repository with changes from StarTeam.
When you pull changes, each StarTeam Change Package becomes a commit in a local Git repository. History is pulled over to Git.
• Use the push command to push changes from a local Git repository into StarTeam Server. Each Git commit becomes a StarTeam Change Package, including the user ID, timestamp, and comment. History is carried over to StarTeam.
• Git tags are pushed into StarTeam as Labels.

• Developers are able to use their preferred Git client tools on a local Git repository while connecting with the centralized StarTeam source code control system using the StarTeam Git Client.
• Enterprises retain what StarTeam offers: rich change management, ALM traceability, Issue/Process enforcement, global distribution (Cache agent), security (Access rights) and visibility.


Starteam Server

The following are the new features for this release of the StarTeam Server.

Support for IPv6
StarTeam Server now supports Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).
Remote Cache Agent Supports Copy of Vault
The remote cache agent now supports access to a copy of the vault, if available.
Support for Active Directory 2012
StarTeam Server now supports Active Directory 2012.
Automatic Email for File Versioning
When a file is updated with a new version, and email is automatically generated and sent to users within the User Resource list. The User Resource list is defined per file.

StarTeam SDK

The following are updates for this release of the StarTeam SDK:

StarTeam REST Service
StarTeam offers a REST service in the SDK to allow you to build an REST application against the StarTeam Server.
The StarTeamRESTService.war is located in the StarTeam SDK's \lib folder.
To use the .war file:

1. Copy the StarTeamRESTService.war to the Tomcat webapp folder.
2. Create an .xml file with the following signature, and save it anywhere on disk.
3. Change the values to reflect the StarTeam server and administrative credentials.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<hostname> localhost </hostname>
<port> 49201 </port>
<user> Administrator </user>
<password> Administrator </password>
4. Create an environment variable called StarTeamRESTConfiguration, where the value is the path to the .xml file. For example, c:/temp/StarTeamREST.xml
5. Create an environment variable called StarTeamRESTConfiguration, where the value is the path to the .xml file. For example, c:/temp/StarTeamREST.xml
6. Stop and restart tomcat.
7. Verify that the REST service is running via a browser on this same machine. Use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or etc.
8. Type the url in the borwser: http://localhost:8080/StarTeamRESTService/rest/users/logon?username=Administrator&password=Administrator. If the REST Service is running,you will get a session ID, which can then be used to run further tests or to develop StarTeam web applications.

The REST APIs currently available are fully documented on the community. Additional APIs are available
on request.


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