StarTeam® 14.0 Cross-Platform Client Patch 13 (Build


The following enhancements are contained in patch 13 (builds CPC; SDK

1106264 (stcmd) Provide a new checkout command parameter (-uv) to checkout only user visible folders on the selected local machine

1105827 (sdk) Working File Size and Timestamp values now refresh correctly when used as CPC filter properties

1105982 (stcmd) Extend update-property command to sort enumerated values alphabetically

1105822 (stcmd) Introduce update-property command to change property display names

(stcmd) Extend describe-schema command to return a meaningful property type name

(stcmd) Non User Modifiable Property values can now be updated using the update {type} set property = value syntax

1105893 (cpc) Classic Reports now correctly sort the GroupInfo sections

1106034 (cpc) Save all VCM sessions to the StarTeam Server uncommitted Change Package. ‘Save To Local’ menu item removed. Save pre commit session on Commit action.

1105672 (cpc) Optimize loading Non In View Folders on CPC start up

1106139 (cpc) Reuse saved merged content in a VCM session across multiple merges

1106169 (cpc) SaveAs now succeeds for attachments without an extension type


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