Starteam 14.4 Cross-Platform Client Patch 8 ( Released .


The following enhancements are contained in patch 8 (build

67974 (cpc) - Display a ‘Fetching Traces’ dialog box message when switching to the links tab

67936 (cpc) - Provide a Skip-a-revision menu item option in VCM as a legal action to RE_PIN and MERGE

10685 (stcmd) -  Differences between Labels Query now recognizes and reports out of view process items.

10683 (vcm) - When rebasing from a historical configuration, support an unresolved merge if the target file has changed after the source, and the files differ in content.

10672 (sdk) - update status of a modified file now considers the effect of property value revision changes to the local sync db, and no longer causes a merge failure on checkin.

10670 (sdk) - stcmd update command now succeeds when the join property is specified in the command syntax.


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