Disabling the default Administrator account



Disabling the default Administrator account


Information in this Brief applies to:

  • StarTeam
  • Windows, Solaris


Explains how to disable the default Administrator account.


The default Administrator account can be disabled. The best practice is to add another user into the Administrator"s Group, either by moving them or holding down the Ctrl key and sharing the user"s account first. To disable an account you just right-click the user account within the User Manager and select Suspend account. We recommend that users have at least two accounts that can edit user properties in the User Manager. There are no functions that you cannot perform *if* you have other users in the StarTeam Administrator"s group and that group maintains it"s privileges. If there are no users in the Administrator"s Group then the StarTeam Administrator will have locked themselves out and will not be able to edit user account properties, access rights, etc. Starteam Admin always has a fixed license available, switching to floating/concurrent license will not affect this. The admin will always be allowed to log in.

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