StarTeam Add Directories 2005



StarTeam Add Directories 2005


StarTeam add directories 2005

This utility adds new working storage folders into an existing StarTeam project. It compares the directory structure in the StarTeam project against the current working folders and discovers any new directories. For each new directory found, that directory is added into the StarTeam project in the appropriate subfolder.

Please note that this utility uses the current working folder for the user ID used to log into the StarTeam server. So, if alternate working directories have been specified at either the view or folder level these will be used. Accordingly, different results could be experienced when executed under different user ID"s.

This utility package contains a complete JBuilder 2005 project, including all relevant source code. The "src" directory stores the Java source code for the utility and can be used to modify/recompile the utility. The compiled .jar file and related command file are located in the root directory.

To install this utility, simply UNZIP the contents to any local hard drive directory (e.g., "C:\Program Files\STAddDirectories").

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