Created On:  11 October 2011


We have not selected Enhanced Process links for our server configuration (see figure below).

However, in some cases, after we have selected the Process items and completed a file check-in, we notice that Process tasks are still being created. Why is this happening?


Even if you have not enabled the Enhanced Process links options for your server configuration, if the Process item selected during check-in does not reside in the same view as the file, StarTeam automatically creates Process task as an intermediary to link the file and the process item. This is as designed and is required to support links between items from different views. Note that this behavior contrasts with Standard Process links where a file is linked directly to the process item.

The following sections highlight the differences when linking between file/process items in the same view and file/process items in different views.

Link between a file and a process item, both residing in the same view

During check-in/add file, if you choose a process item within the same view, standard process links are used as shown below. In the example below, you may notice that file, Beta 1 Cover Letter.doc is linked directly to a Change Request item.

If you view the 'Link Properties', you can see more details on the link.

Link between a file and a process item that resides in another view

During check-in/add file, if you choose a process item that is residing in another view from which the file is residing, StarTeam will automatically make use of Process tasks for linking. From the screenshot below, we observe that the file, Beta 1 Program Guide.doc is linked to a Task.

If you go to the Task tab, the Process task can be seen.

The Link tab of the Task shows the linking of Process task to the Process item.

The Link properties of the task (see image below) shows the linking more clearly.

The attached document shows the both behaviours using an example that steps through the check-in process.

To conclude, if you would like to make use of only standard process links for your server configuration, please choose only Process items that reside within the same view as the File.

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