Created On:  14 February 2011


To set up the StarTeam 2009 Web Server as a Windows Service, one has to run StarTeamService.bat.
(The default location of this file is: C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeam 2009 Web Server\apache-tomcat-5.5.27\bin\StarTeamService.bat)

If you encounter the error message "Failed installing 'Tomcat5' service” when this batch program is run, read below for possible cause and resolution.


This error message will appear if a Windows Service with the name 'Tomcat5' is already installed on this machine. In Windows, every Service name has to be unique. As StarTeam 2009 Web Server uses the name 'Tomcat5' for its service, there should not be another service that uses the same name.

To verify the existence of 'Tomcat5' service, launch the Services utility (services.msc) and look for name containing 'Apache Tomcat'. (Note that the Name column in the services listing shows the Display name, not the actual Service Name)

If found, double-click on this service to display its properties. If the Service name is 'Tomcat5', then this is the service preventing the installation of StarTeam Web Server as a service. Next, look at the field 'Path to executable'. If the path does not point to a StarTeam Web Server installation folder, you may already have an application that uses 'Tomcat5' as the service name. Please contact Micro Focus Customer Care if you intend to run StarTeam Web Server along with the existing 'Tomcat5' service. If the path shows a StarTeam Web Server installation folder, then you may proceed using the steps below to delete the existing service and register a new service.

To remove and re-install StarTeam 2009 Web Server as a service, execute the steps listed below: 

1.  Open a Command Prompt window and type:
    sc delete Tomcat5
     Alternatively, you may run command /apache-tomcat-5.5.27/bin/service.bat remove .

2.  In the Services utility, refresh the listing of services and verify that the 'Tomcat5' service is no longer in the listing.

3.  In the Command Prompt window, go to the StarTeam Web Server folder (e.g. C:\ProgramFiles\Borland\StarTeam 2009 Web Server\apache-tomcat-5.5.27\bin\)

4.  Type StarTeamService.bat and press the Enter key.

5.  If there is no error message returned, verify through the Services utility that the StarTeam Web Server service is now registered. The Service name should show 'Tomcat5' and the 'Path to executable' field should point to a StarTeam Web Server installation folder.


Borland StarTeam 2009 Installation Guide - Setting Up the Web Server as a Windows Service
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