Created On:  26 January 2011


When checking out a file in "merge" state and choosing to merge the file, the StarTeam 2008/2008R2 client freezes.


A workaround for this behaviour is to implement the standalone Compare/Merge tool as an alternate application. This can be achieved by carrying out the following:

1. Open the StarTeam CPC
2. Select Tools | Personal Options | File Tab
3. Click the "Alternate Applications..." button
4. Check the box for "Merge Utility"
5. Browse to "C:\Program Files\Borland\StarTeam Cross-Platform Client 2008 R2"
6. Select the "File Compare Merge.exe"
7. In the box labelled "Options" enter 

  $branch tip $usertip -base $basefile -resilt $resultfile -automerge

This will provide the normal behaviour of the compare/merge utility when the merge operation is selected.
Incident #2457429