Created On:  25 April 2010


The StarTeam server crashes with the following error displayed in the log file:

281600 00000008 2010-05-11 16:47:59 Unexpected Condition: Expression: Info.DerivedCnt() == DerivedItemIDs.GetSize() File: .\ShareCache.cpp Line: 417

Dump Status: Error dump completed successfully.

See file: Server-Assert-0000-1-2010-05-11-16-47-58.dmp


This error is caused by application code that caused the StarTeam server to hang after an access violation caused by the re-entry into the exception handler for system exceptions. The EventLog showed an error in the msvcr80.dll when this problem occurred.

As a result of the events being re-entered into the server log and continually written to the DMP file, the StarTeam server would crash and needed a re-start to fix.

The problem has been fixed with the release of StarTeam 2009 Server patch 7 (build

To get access to patch you can either:
Incident #2452903