Instructions for FLEXlm Redundant Server Setup



Instructions for FLEXlm Redundant Server Setup


Instructions for FLEXlm Redundant Server Setup


Obtaining the Borland-FLEXlm License Files

You should have first received a License Certificate email from Borland containing your certificate number and order details along with a username/password to log into the web-based license hosting site. This hosting site does not provide facility for creation of redundant licenses; however Borland can generate these for you. Please make note of your license certificate number located in the subject line of the License Certificate email.

1. Download the Borland-FLEXlm server via Borland networked license server download site:

2. Extract the contents of the downloaded archive files onto each of the three redundant server machines.

3. Obtain host-ids for the three servers that you intend to use in your redundant configuration. Running the lmhostid command under the FLEXlm installation root directory on each of the servers will provide the necessary information (i.e. c:\flexborland_i86n3\lmhostid).

You should see output similar to the following on each machine (you?ll see similar output for both UNIX and windows).

Sample output from running lmhostid command.

4. Send the three servers" host-ids, their respective hostnames, and your Borland license certificate number to the Borland Sales Representative or Software Engineer working with you and they will forward this information on for license key generation.

Below is an example of the text in a license.dat file that is sent back to customers:

SERVER serverMaster 832cc0a4 -- Master servername (serverMaster) with HostId (832cc0a4)

SERVER serverB 83628339 -- Secondary Backup servername with HostId

SERVER serverC 83629649 -- Tertiary Backup servername with HostId

VENDOR borland



# NOTE: You may edit the hostname on the SERVER line (1st arg) and

# the (optional) daemon-path on the VENDOR line (2nd arg).

# Most other changes will invalidate this license.




# Issued on 15-Mar-2005




# Product ABC


INCREMENT 100_9_n borland 1.0 permanent 26 USER_BASED DUP_GROUP=U \


Example redundant server license.dat file.

5. Once you have received the licensing files, you will then need to apply the license.dat FLEXlm license file to each of the redundant servers and start all FLEXlm servers (see the next section "Starting the three redundant FLEXlm servers?).

6. After starting the servers, you should copy the license.dat file and Borland client slip file into the $BORLAND_PRODUCT_INSTALL_DIR$/license directory and start your product.


Starting the Three Redundant FLEXlm Servers

1. Copy the license.dat file to the FLEXlm installation root directory onto each of the three redundant servers (i.e. C:\flexborland_i86n3).

2. Run the following command on each of the redundant machines under their respective FLEXlm installation root directories to start the FLEXlm servers:

>lmgrd ?c license.dat

See FLEXlm end user documentation for additional lmgrd command line options.

a. You should see the following output before the servers are in full connection with one another:

22:18:29 (lmgrd) pid 784

22:18:29 (lmgrd) FLEXlm (v7.2d) started on serverMaster (IBM PC) (5/29/2001)

22:18:29 (lmgrd) FLEXlm Copyright 1988-2001, Globetrotter Software, Inc.

22:18:29 (lmgrd) US Patents 5,390,297 and 5,671,412.

22:18:29 (lmgrd) World Wide Web:

22:18:29 (lmgrd) License file(s): ..\license.lic

22:18:29 (lmgrd) lmgrd tcp-port 27005

22:18:31 (lmgrd) Trying connection to serverB

22:18:32 (lmgrd) Trying connection to serverC

b. After the servers have made the connection to each other, you should see the following output:

22:19:52 (borland) FLEXlm version 7.2d

22:19:52 (borland) Server started on serverMaster for: Product ABC

22:19:52 (borland) Connected to serverB

(borland) Connected to serverC

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