The Teamboard is the hub for managing the current sprint. All of the stories assigned to the sprint and the tasks for each story are organized into columns. The story cards in the far left column provide at-a-glance information on the status of the story while the tasks are organized into columns indicating the status of the task. Stories and tasks are updated by clicking on a task and moving it from the To Do column to either the In Progress or Complete column.

Scrum Teams use the Teamboard to keep track of which stories need to be done and which have been completed. When a story is blocked, a red flag on the Story and Task cards will notify everyone and a discussion will be created so action can be taken to complete the story. During standup, the teamboard can be filtered by Scrum Team member to make it easier to discuss what each person is working on and what still needs to be done. The StarTeam Agile Scrum Team uses a touch screen during standup in the team room which makes it easy to move the cards and make changes.

The sprint and story burndown chart is also automatically updated as stories are completed. The burndown chart on the Story Card reflects the tasks for that story while the Sprint Burndown reflects the burndown for the sprint.

Click the Insight chart icon in the Teamboard menu to view charts showing snapshots of sprint status. This can be used during standups to view the over all progress of the sprint. When the Teamboard is filtered to a specific team member, a burndown chart for that team member will appear. 

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