Created On:  18 May 2011


The StarTeam server fails to start and server log terminates with the following errors:

19        00000004  2011-05-04 12:30:33  Exception thrown from Unknown: Class = , Code = 0(00000000)
 Msg =

20        00000004  2011-05-04 12:30:33  Exception handled at CStServer::Run: Class = , Code = 0(00000000)
Msg = 
[Table Name] = View
[Function Name] = CStDbObjectSet::Query


This can occur when the memory needed to start and run the StarTeam server is not available on the operating system.

The most common cause on a Window 2003 server is that the /3GB startup switch has not been applied before attempting to start the server. Setting this switch will provide more RAM to the StarTeamServer.exe.

For more details on setting the /3GB startup switch please consult Microsoft technet article: How to Set the /3GB Startup Switch in Windows
Incident #2516322