Created On:  16 February 2011


How do you enable StarTeam Message Broker diagnostics logging for troubleshooting?


When StarTeam MPX service isn't working as expected, the StarTeam Message Broker can be configured to generate diagnostic information in a log file.

To enable diagnostic tracing for the Message Broker, add the following lines to the STMessageBroker6x.ini file:

setopt trace_file c:\temp\mbtrace.txt
setopt trace_level debug
setopt trace_flags prefix,timestamp
setopt time_format full

After making these changes, save the configuration file and restart the relevant service. Open the log file using a text editor to view the diagnostic messages.


1. The 'c:\temp\mbtrace.txt' value for the trace_file option is just a sample value. Change it to specify the desired pathname of the log file.

2. Specifying 'timestamp' for the trace_flags option will add the time information (e.g. 03:17:42) to each log entry.

3. Specifying 'full' for the time_format option will display a more complete date and time value (e.g. Wed Mar 30 12:02:52.828 2011)

4. Specifying 'debug' for the trace_level option will create log entries for most events and thus the log file will grow quickly. When the system is stable, replace 'debug' with 'warning' for less verbose logging.

For versions before StarTeam 2009, the StarTeam Multicast Service is still supported. To enable diagnostic tracing for the Multicast Service, add the lines above to the STMulticastService6x.ini file, except to use a different file name for the trace_file option.
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