How do I change how my items are sorted?



How do I change how my items are sorted?


QATrackRecord items are sorted based on information supplied in the query just above the sorted set of items.

Unless you request sorting in a query, items aren't sorted. They appear in the approximate order they were entered into QATrackRecord. The items can be reordered or the query can be changed to specify exactly how you would like the items to be sorted.

For example, to get a list of Tasks sorted by Priority:

  1. Create a new Outline view by clicking the New Outline toolbar button.
  2. Double-click the first header in the outline to open the query.
  3. In the first list, click Tasks.
  4. In the second list, click Assignment.
  5. In the third list, click and drag the Priority field to the lower gray window.
  6. When you release the mouse button, a query arrow should appear. The upper window will switch from the Types, Subtypes, and Fields tab to the Query Tools tab.
  7. Select the Ascending option in the Sorting group. This tells the query to sort the matching set of Tasks (in this case, all Tasks) in ascending order, based on the value of each Task's Priority field. Additional fields, such as Date Due, could be dropped to the right of this arrow to further refine the sort
  8. Close and save the query by clicking OK. Be sure to give the query an appropriate name. The sorted results appear after a few seconds.
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