How to list the folder info using STcmd list command?



How to list the folder info using STcmd list command?


  • Product: StarTeam
  • Component: Command line utility, STcmd
  • Version: All
  • Platform: All


    How to list folders using StarTeam command utility, STcmd list command?


    There is no such direct command, but you can omit -short option and workaround the STcmd list command by listing something doesn"t exist in the filename.


    bash-2.03$ stcmd list -p "Administrator:Administrator@localhost:49201/StarDraw" -is "*Folder*"

    StarTeam 8.0 Command Line Interface, Build 8.0.58
    Copyright (c) 2003-2004 Borland Software Corporation. All rights reserved.
    Using option file: /smsuntec3/tecsup/.starteam-client/platform.ini
    Folder: StarDraw (working dir: c:/StarDraw)
    Folder: Beta Materials (working dir: c:/StarDraw/Beta Materials)
    Folder: Customer Feedback (working dir: c:/StarDraw/Customer Feedback)
    Folder: Design Documents (working dir: c:/StarDraw/Design Documents)
    Folder: Marketing Materials (working dir: c:/StarDraw/Marketing Materials)
    Folder: Quality Assurance (working dir: c:/StarDraw/Quality Assurance)
    Folder: Sales Materials (working dir: c:/StarDraw/Sales Materials)
    Folder: Source Code (working dir: c:/StarDraw/Source Code)
    Folder: External Resources (working dir: c:/StarDraw/Source Code/External Resources)
    Folder: On-line Help (working dir: c:/StarDraw/Source Code/On-line Help)
    Folder: Debug (working dir: c:/StarDraw/Source Code/Debug)
    Folder: User Manual (working dir: c:/StarDraw/User Manual)
    Folder: WebSite (working dir: c:/StarDraw/WebSite)
    Folder: Corporate Info (working dir: c:/StarDraw/WebSite/Corporate Info)
    Folder: Images (working dir: c:/StarDraw/WebSite/Images)
    Folder: StarTeam (working dir: c:/StarDraw/WebSite/StarTeam)
    Folder: New Folder (working dir: c:/StarDraw/New Folder)
    *Folder* : No files matching "*Folder*" were found in the StarTeam repository or on the local disk.

    *Notes: The command returns only the folder info.

    Author: Fong, Sok Nee

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